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Has your computer been annoying you lately with its slow speed? Before you jump the gun and purchase a brand new one, there are plenty of things you can do to improve your computer and give it the boost it needs. You can get a great performance boost just by changing a few things with your start-up programs.

You can also defragment your hard drive, but you can get a greater boost if you are willing to get deeper into things. We do not want you to get worried right now about the amount of money you will have to spend because there are many affordable ways that you can get the most out of your computer that you may have planned to throw away.

What are some of the things you can do to maximize and improve your computer?

  • Make the switch to SSD
  • Make upgrades to your RAM
  • Begin defragmenting your hard disk
  • Disable some of your programs on start-up

RAM Upgrades

If you use your computer to multi-task and you want a little more performance, you do not have to purchase a new SSD right away. If you want to take the cheaper route, you can begin looking at upgrades that can be made to the RAM. If you are using a system that is listed under 2GB of RAM, it will not cost you a significant amount of money to add a few gigabytes of RAM. If you combine the upgrade to your RAM with along with an upgrade to your SSD, you may not recognize your old computer anymore because of the speed and performance boost. That old computer will no longer make you want to toss it across the room.

Give Your Computer A Little More Speed: Switch To SSD

One of the popular and best ways to give your computer new life is to perform an SSD installation. You can install modern SSDs on a variety of older model laptops and desktop computers. You will certainly be pleased with the results, regardless of the type of computer you currently own. You will be surprised at the boot times once you switch to SSD. Even the economical processors will be given a significant boost when it has an SSD.

Since an SSD does not have any moving parts, there will be a major difference in the read and write speeds when compared to one of the older hard drives. Buying an SSD will not require you to spend a large sum of money.

Start-Up Programs

How many programs on your computer boot as soon as you turn on your computer? Many of these programs can be disabled and they will only run when you open them. When these programs are running in the background, your computer’s performance can be decreased. Once you have disabled these programs, you should see an increase in the start-up speed after you reboot your computer.

Defragmenting The Hard Disk

Do you have one of those old mechanical HDDs? If you do, then you may be able to appreciate this tip. One of the major problems with HDDs is fragmentation. When you are constantly using your hard drive, the various pieces of information can be found all over the place. When information is scattered across the hard drive, it can take longer to find it. When you take the time to defragment your hard disk, all of your information will be organized. As a result, your computer’s speed can be significantly improved. You can search for the Defragmenter option in your Control Panel.

Are you ready to take that old computer of yours and bring it back to life?

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