I have had a lot of people ask me how to allow specific users to edit a distribution group.

If your organisation is using Exchange and Outlook then this is really easy.

Create a Security Group and name it something meaningful, Like Distribution Group Editors.
Add the Users that you wish to have access to the Group.

In the Active Directory Users and Computers Snap In (ADUC)
Click the “View” menu and make sure that “Advanced Features” is turned on (It will have a tick next to it if it is, if not just click on it)
Now, Find the “Distribution Group” OU, and Right Click it, Choose Properties
Under the Security tab, choose advanced options
Click the Add button and type the name of your new group, click OK
Make sure that the name is correct
Also, make sure it is applying to “This object and all descendant objects”
I Usually just assign the “Write all properties” permission, so tick this one.


Click OK, Then OK again. And OK again.
The users that you added to your group will now be able open the Address Book in Outlook and access the Distribution group to make changes (Add/Remove Users)

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