Great source for those wanting to / needing to Migrate from Exchange 2007 to 2013 On Premise. For those wanting to do cross site or Different Domains even.
Have a look at Pricing isn’t too bad, but it works fantastically as long as your OWA, ECP etc work as expected!! Gotcha to NOTE: You are exporting all your emails from one server to another. Check your Database size as this will be roughly your download size!!! If you have a limited download plan on your Internet Connection, IT IS GOING TO COST YOU BIG!!
Any way, back to the On Premise. I have followed this process myself and had many positive outcomes. Technet Blog Issues to watch out for when following this TechNet…
User accounts in Active Directory need to have Inherited Permissions in place. You will get an error trying to set the HomeMDB attribute otherwise. You can fix this with a PowerShell Script locate here There are issues with Resuming and Completing the Public Folder Migration component. Make sure that you locked them on the Exchange 2007 Server. This is a common oops. Try restarting the Information Store on both servers, 2007 first, then 2013.

Run resume again after this. Be patient. It just takes a while to start again. I threw my hands in the air and went home for the day. Came back to work the next morning expecting to have to troubleshoot and it had finished!!!

Need to Remove Old Server from Send Connectors

Use Exchange 2013 ECP to do this Need to Remove Old Server OAB. Exchange 2013 Creates a new OAB so you will need to remove the old one before you can uninstall Exchange 2007 Server.

Get-OfflineAddressBook -Server Exchange2007 | Move-OfflineAddressBook –Server Exchange2013

Be Warned: Removing Exchange2007 using /mode:uninstall takes considerably long
I will be doing another Migration in early January, so I may post more to this then.

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