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Improve Your Computer

Computers are fascinating machines that perform a variety of tasks, many of which have changed the daily routine of individuals around the world during the past two decades. Since the advent of the internet becoming user-friendly, tasks including but not limited to E-mail, research, social media, job hunting, and shopping have been revolutionized so that these tasks are no longer as burdensome as they once were. For this reason, you should take care to optimize and improve your computer where possible — if done correctly, the life and difficulty level in using computers will be improved. Understanding these four points below will help.

Internal Storage Space

Whether using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, maintaining the amount of free space on the internal data storage unit, typically called a hard drive, will generally yield a smoother running system. The hard drive stores data such as pictures, audio files, documentsand any other personal types of documents. When the free space for storing these documents runs low, it causes the computer to run slower — this is due to the fact that the computer operating system and programs (Apps) being used require a certain amount of free space on the hard drive for temporarily caching data — if the necessary free space is not there, the computer must resort to other routines that are not nearly as fast as caching on the internal storage. Personals files should be routinely removed and, if necessary, preserved.

RAM Memory

Generally, the more RAM memory that is installed in a computing device, the better it will run. RAM memory is accessed directly by a computer’s CPU (Central Processing Unit) where computer programs are stored before execution — the CPU will load programs from the internal storage space into RAM before executing since RAM memory is generally much faster than internal storage space. If there is not enough RAM memory installed, a CPU will partly have to access internal storage space while executing the program, causing an overall speed decrease while using the program. Some programs might not run at all if there is not enough RAM memory available due to the design of the program. This is not to say that every program (App) will run better if a relatively large amount of RAM memory is installed, but some programs require more memory than others to run, or for optimal performance. Desktop computers and laptop computers are relatively easy to add RAM to — tablet computers, all-in-one computers, and smartphones, on the other hand, are a little more difficult due to physical access issues — the RAM compartments are not as easily accessed. Furthermore, in some cases, modifications or “hacks” must be done to expand RAM memory in the last 3 mentioned types of computer systems.

Software Maintenance

Software maintenance refers to maintaining the operating systems, e.g., Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Android, iOS, and computer programs (Apps) to some degree. Maintenance typically includes, whether manual or automatic, downloading and installing security updates, operating system bug patches, or feature updates. It also includes determining which programs will be allowed to run at boot-time and, in general, the extent to which programs can take advantage of hardware resources. It can be argued that the most important software updates are security updates — criminals who exploit vulnerabilities in computer hardware and software are constantly on the lookout for ways to infiltrate computers to steal private information or modify existing systems for a variety of malicious ends — software security patches repair most of these vulnerabilities, although, unfortunately, some vulnerabilities are not discovered until after a criminal computer hacker has taken advantage of it.

Data Backup

Lastly, the subject of computer improvement shouldn’t be concluded without a mention of how to generally preserve computer data. One of the biggest complaints about computer usage, in general, pertains to the loss of personal computer files or data. Subscribing to a data backup service online can alleviate the burden of carrying too many personal files on your computer — there are other methods to remove data from computers and preserve them although online data backup services have grown in popularity. Searching “back up and restore methods” on the internet will yield a variety of alternatives to using Internet-based backup systems.

If carefully thought out and/or sufficient consulting is obtained, the four points discussed herein should improve the overall experience of using all types of computers an help to improve your computer.


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