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Where do you think you currently stand with cybersecurity? If your small business is running like many other small businesses, you are probably having a few problems. Unfortunately, many small businesses find that their cybersecurity strategy is not as effective as it should be. Many small businesses have also undergone a breach or cyber attack due to their lack of an effective cybersecurity program.

If you wait until a cyber attack has taken place to take any type of action, you can find yourself spending a significant amount of money on damage control. Being at the end of a cyber attack can result in a significant loss of revenue, and it can also result in your business closing its doors for good.

It is important that you take the necessary steps to protect your small business at all times. There seem to be new threats being created every year, and one of those threats is known as ransomware. Ransomware and other threats will continue to create problems for small businesses like yours. Since there are always new threats being created, this is the time of year when you will need to make sure your business has the proper security strategy in protocols in place. As hackers become more advanced, your small business will need to evolve in order to protect itself.

We know it can be difficult to figure out which direction you should go when it is time to protect your business against the ever-growing list of cyber attacks. We want you to be aware of a few things that you can do to protect your business, including the following:

Computer Updates Are Important

How often do you ensure your computers have the necessary updates? Updating your computers’ operating systems should be one of the most important things to complete on your checklist. Unfortunately, many businesses are hesitant to make an upgrade because they think the upgrade process may be too complicated. On the other hand, many other businesses believe that the upgrade process will cost too much money. If your computers are running an older operating system, you will need to upgrade your computers immediately if you want to reduce your chances of being the victim of a cyber attack.

Improve Your Password Strategy

Many people believe that once they create a password that is too complex for anyone else to figure out that they are protected from attacks. Unfortunately, there are many people in the workplace who do not know how to create a complex password. There are many others who do not know the recommended password protocol and they will use the same password for all their accounts. We encourage you to create a password process or policy so everyone in your workplace will have a better understanding of how to create strong passwords.

Have A BDR Plan In Place

It is important that your business backs up all data on a regular basis. If something does go wrong and you have the proper backup and disaster recovery plan in place, you will be able to recover the data and continue business operations. When you back up your data on a regular basis you will reduce your chances of becoming the victim of a cyber attack. If you perform daily data backups, you will ensure that you are not leaving out any critical data. If you have not been backing up your data lately, we encourage you to begin doing so as soon as possible.

Are you ready to improve your business’s cybersecurity? Are you ready to protect yourself before another attack takes place this year?



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