Protect Your Melbourne Business from a Data Disaster with Backups to the Cloud

An office’s computer systems aren’t just the backbone of its communications and operations — they’re also the storehouse for an enormous amount of valuable information. What type of data do you have stored on your local employee machines and your physical servers? It could include customer records, transaction ledgers, projects in progress, and crucial historical data about your business’s performance. Even for a medium-sized business, the amount of data you deal with can be staggering. That’s before we even consider the enterprise software installed on your systems. With all this information sitting in one place, one question is more important than anything else: do you have recent IT backups for your Melbourne office?

Losing system stability and suffering from a loss of data is possible for any business, no matter the size. Malware attacks can corrupt your systems, and if your local backups are network-connected, they could end up poisoned as well. Unexpected system failures can cause problems, too. Have you ever experienced a scenario in which you needed to backup from a local copy only to discover that said copy was out of date? It’s not just stressful — it can put real strain on your business. Then there are threats from physical disasters, such as fires and floods, which can wipe out your local copies too.

The ins and outs of an IT cloud backup in Melbourne

At IT Networks Australia, we’re here to partner with businesses like yours to deliver cost-effective and robust IT backup services to Melbourne. Whether you need assistance with local or virtual machines, we have the experience necessary to save your data now and in the future. With off-site cloud backups, your data remains safe and sound, no matter what happens. How do our backup services work?

In most cases, the easiest method to use involves taking an “image” of each machine that needs a new backup. This image is a snapshot of everything on the machine, from its operating system to all the files it currently contains. We can then store this data off-site, accessible through a cloud service to facilitate rapid restoration. In the event of a problem, “re-imaging” the affected machine is simple. We take the snapshot from earlier and replicate it onto the server or PC in question. Afterward, it’s like nothing ever happened. By relying on our IT cloud backup, Melbourne business owners can rest easy knowing their information is always safe elsewhere.

Explore your options with IT Networks Australia today

The team at IT Networks Australia has spent years developing experience in the information technology sector, and we now bring that experience to bear on clients of all sizes. Whether you only want assurances against disastrous data loss by employing our cloud backup services or you need a deeper level of IT management, we can help. Through flexibility and our highly inclusive packages, like our Gold Agreement for service, helping you succeed is our goal. To find out more about how our backups work, ring us today on 1300 88 40 09.