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Keeping track of the latest IT gadgets is becoming far more difficult, considering how fast technology itself is innovating. There are some great products on the market, but finding the best ones is definitely a challenge now.

There are currently some amazing innovations available, and at affordable prices as well. Here is a quick round-up of the three you definitely need to know about.

1) Getac Notebook

The right laptop is hard to find, that much is certain. With a myriad of different considerations, it often proves difficult to find the one that is right for your needs. Luckily, models as such as the Getac Notebook are versatile enough for a multitude of different uses and are easily able to adapt to your technical needs.

With a 5 year warranty, this 13.3″ notebook is incredibly rugged, boasting an amazing processor, battery life and one of the brightest displays currently on the market – definitely no easy feat to find all of that in one computer.

The processors are state-of-the-art, meaning that their performance is up to 67% better than previous iterations. Coupled with an amazing graphics card (Intel® HD Graphics 4600), this computer is specifically designed to give you the best experience possible.

With its long battery life, sunlight readable display and ultrafast connectivity, the Getac Notebook model allows for you to be productive whenever you want and wherever you want – without always needing an outlet.


2) LG LCD Monitor 22M38D-B

A great desktop is nothing without a great monitor, and this LG product is proof of that. LG designs some incredible models, but this one gets a special mention mainly because of its fantastic quality and affordable price point.

With cases of eye strain becoming increasingly popular, it is imperative to protect your eyes and browse comfortably when using a computer. LG’s LCD monitor comes with various browsing options, including reader, conventional, textbook and others. This allows users to peruse media without needing to worry about damaging their eyes

The monitor comes with a three-year warranty, 1920X1080 resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio and options to customize the monitor layout to match your multitasking needs. The monitor is designed to help you be productive while keeping your comfort in mind, and this product definitely meets that expectation and exceeds it.

3) Jabra Move Wireless Headset BT Red

So, you have the perfect computer…but what about the sound? Headphones end up being a necessary requirement in many different scenarios, but if you purchase the wrong ones, it will definitely mar your viewing and listening experience.

The best way to mitigate that? Invest in a pair of well-made, durable headphones. The Jabra Move Wireless Headset is the perfect option, since it provides style and comfort seamlessly in a single product. Moreover, these headphones can also be used for your phone as well, making them versatile enough to switch to work and play without a problem.

The headphones possess an automatic pairing mode, functions to answer, end and reject calls. It also offers capabilities for volume control, track control, and playing/pausing music. The headphones are able to be used for voice dialing, last number redial.

The headphones come in a sleek and stylish red design and are made of silicone. The headphones also come with a one-year limited warranty, which gives users peace of mind in terms of durability and usability. The wireless capabilities are also an incredibly handy function since users will not need to be bound to their desk or phone to use either of those devices.

These are just some of the amazing products currently on the market, and each one comes with a guarantee of ease of use, durability, and affordability. Finding products that fit that criteria is extremely tough, so it is definitely advisable to take advantage when you do find them.

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