I.T. Support

There is more to I.T. Support than just fixing computer problems. We offer Auditing Services, Security Checks, Health Checks, Maintenance, Updates and Upgrades as well as Repairs.


Block Hours

Block hours are used by a lot of smaller clients who want to fix monthly IT costs. We try to get as much work done in all areas utilising this Block to ensure a balance of Reactive and Proactive maintenance and support.

Additionally, a lot of larger firms who already have an in-house IT Technician or Department, will utilise the Block Hours for additional work that is out of scope for their current team.


Pay As You Go

  • Minimum Monthly Fee
  • Affordable Hourly Rates
  • Quality Service
  • No Fix, No Pay Guarantee


Managed Servers Agreement

  • Monitoring of all Servers
  • Maintenance of Server & Network Environment
  • Installation and Replacement of New and Existing Servers
  • Emergency After Hours and Public Holidays Server Support – Call Out Fee Applies
  • Server Vendor Management
  • Server Project Management


Fully Managed Agreement

  • Fixed Dedicated Onsite Time per Week as Agreed
  • Unlimited Remote Support Business Hours
  • Unlimited Onsite Support Business Hours as required
  • Maintenance and Monitoring of all IT Equipment
  • Installation and Upgrade Labour for Servers, Desktops and Printers
  • Emergency After Hours and Public Holidays Support – Call Out Fee Applies
  • Vendor Management
  • Project Management


I.T. SupportI.T. SupportI.T. Support


Onsite Support

Remote Support

Audits & Advice