Get a Different Kind of Remote IT Support Services from Melbourne’s IT Networks Australia, Complete with Regular Onsite Businesses

These days, every business has an IT infrastructure. Every office has computers connected to a private, secure network. Every office has some central server solution—be it an on-premises server or a cloud-based service. What not every office has, though, is a dedicated IT staff. Particularly for smaller businesses, hiring people just to serve an IT role can be prohibitively expensive. There simply isn’t enough work there to justify a full-time role (or several full-time roles). Still, when these small or mid-sized businesses do need IT support, they need it to be just as high quality as it would be with a full-time team there to help.

At IT Networks Australia, we provide the top-tier IT support services your Melbourne business needs, but we do it in a way that other external IT service companies often don’t. We aren’t so close that we are working there in your office on your full-time payroll, but we stay close enough that we can offer onsite IT support if you need it. This balance makes us an excellent option for companies that can’t quite afford internal IT teams, but don’t want to sacrifice quality of service, either.

How We Do Melbourne IT Support Services

So, what sets IT Networks Australia apart from other businesses that offer Melbourne IT support services? While we are an external IT company now, that doesn’t mean we have always worked in an external capacity. On the contrary, our backgrounds include experience working internal IT for some of the largest enterprises in the world. We understand why internal IT is not always a luxury that Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) can afford, but also know the type of support you still need—full-time team or not.

For that reason, we have partnered with several leaders in the IT industry. These partnerships give us the capability and flexibility to mobilise an entire IT department for you at any time. No matter what your team is struggling with regarding IT—be it a server issue, a software update, a security breach, or simple troubleshooting—you can call us.

While we try to design IT solutions that will make us a reliable single point of contact for our SMB clients, we also recognise that every business is different and has unique needs. We want to get to know what those needs look like within your organisation. To achieve this goal, we provide onsite IT services to our Melbourne clients one day each week. This way, our IT technicians can get a better sense of your infrastructure and pain points.

Of course, you can still call us for assistance with IT any other day of the week, too. It’s just that, by spending some time with our clients and their systems instead of only ever speaking via phone or email, we can offer better service across the board.

Learn More About Our IT Service Plans Today

Most external IT teams stay external. They don’t offer onsite IT support services in Melbourne and do virtually everything remotely. If you’ve worked with one of these teams in the past and were frustrated by the setup, call IT Networks Australia. Our services put a different spin on the external IT industry—a spin we think you will appreciate. Reach us by dialling 1300 88 40 09.