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Outsourcing continues to gain popularity across the globe as business owners recognize the value and cost savings that outsourcing offers. In particular, IT outsourcing is expected to increase by approximately 31% across all functions in the near future. In addition to helping business owners save money, IT outsourcing enables businesses to receive an unparalleled level of expertise. Below are the top seven reasons to outsource your IT.

1) Outsourcing your IT enables you to focus on growth and revenue.

When you enlist the support of a trusted outsourcing firm to handle your IT needs, you can direct your attention to critical priorities. For instance, you can devote more time to core business responsibilities such as increasing sales, developing marketing strategies, and fostering revenue growth. You can also focus on optimizing customer satisfaction and employee retention.

2) You will save on training costs.

The average company provides an average of 53.8 to 82.3 hours of training per year. By outsourcing your IT, you automatically lower your hiring and training costs because your full-time employee roster is reduced. The outsourcing firm bears the responsibility for all training costs and is also responsible for providing continuing education.

3) You only pay for IT services if you need them.

The need for IT services is fleeting and unpredictable. Rarely are IT services required continuously throughout a business day. In contrast to hiring an in-house IT specialist who typically receives a salary even when workloads are light, outsourcing enables companies to avoid unnecessarily paying full-time employees for the time they do not spend working.

4) You can get by with less office space and furniture.

When you outsource your IT, you do not need to reserve office space for a C.I.O, IT staff or IT equipment. While the total amount of space saved will vary with the size of a company, the approximate amount of space saved equates to roughly 15m2 to 45m2 or the size of one to three medium-sized offices. This reduces the amount of money spent on rent, furniture, and office supplies.

5) Outsourcing is a great option for startups and small businesses.

Small business owners often devote the majority of their resources to getting up and running, making it difficult to hire a dedicated IT professional or invest in cutting-edge technology. Outsourcing enables startups and small businesses to enjoy high-quality support and technology at an affordable price. Some providers even offer businesses the ability to pay in convenient monthly installments.

6) Your employees receive the guidance of industry experts.

Outsourcing will bring a high level of industry expertise to your company. Outsourcing firms ensure that their employees are armed with the latest cutting-edge tools and resources to resolve your most complex IT issues. Additionally, continued quality improvement is a top goal for outsourcing firms that are constantly seeking innovative ways to increase IT efficiency and improve infrastructures.

7) Outsourcing your IT can facilitate expansion into new markets.

In today’s global economy, a growing number of companies are expanding into new and emerging markets. While IT development can be accomplished from any location in the world, there are sometimes complexities that are best handled by outsourced IT professionals who have a strong presence in that market. By employing a local outsourcing firm to handle your IT, you can gain an edge over competitors who lack sophisticated IT resources.

The Bottom Line

Clearly, there are many benefits of outsourcing your IT. As you evaluate prospective outsourcing companies, be sure to choose an experienced industry leader that can provide you with a single point of contact. With the help of a trusted outsourcing firm, you can enjoy the peace of mind that you are saving money and receiving dedicated IT support from industry experts.

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