Get the Benefits of On-Prem Servers without Having to Hire an IT Team; Call IT Networks Australia for Server Management Services in Melbourne

Thanks to the rise of cloud computing, businesses have much more freedom of choice when it comes to picking a server solution. Cloud-based servers allow businesses to store data in a centrally accessible location without needing to maintain on-prem servers. For SMBs especially, this option is terrific because they don’t need to devote office space to a server farm and don’t have to hire an IT team to manage the system. However, there are also drawbacks to ditching on-prem servers, such as less oversight of the security and less customisation.

At IT Networks Australia, we offer server management services in Melbourne that give businesses a good middle ground option.

Introducing Our Melbourne Service Management Option

If you want to maintain an on-prem server for your office, but don’t have the money or need for a full-time IT team, then IT Networks Australia has the perfect compromise. Our server management in Melbourne is devised with SMBs in mind. We know that some businesses in this class either want or need to have their own on-site servers.

Simply put, having a server that you can access on your premises gives you more control over everything—from software updates to data security to data backup. Cloud services talk a big game about securing customer data and keeping everything backed up, but they occasionally fall short of their promises. In the rare situation where this kind of failure happens, you don’t want your data to be put in jeopardy. Having an on-prem server typically offers more peace of mind.

Unfortunately, the perks of on-prem servers are equal to the drawbacks. On-prem servers require maintenance, troubleshooting, and updates, which can be time consuming and expensive. If you don’t have an IT team dedicated to keeping the server in good working order, then it’s tough to enjoy the advantages without letting the disadvantages get in the way.

With IT Networks Australia’s Melbourne server management service, though, those disadvantages can drift away into the rear-view. We can install your servers for you, monitor the equipment remotely, provide all maintenance the infrastructure may require and safeguard your servers with security that meets your standards. We even create backups for your servers—both onsite and offsite—to ensure the integrity of your data. In essence, we serve as your IT team, but without the expense of supporting full-time positions.

Let us Look after Your Server: Call IT Networks Australia Today

Maintaining a server farm is hard work, and the truth of the matter is that many small businesses can’t afford to do it in-house. Cloud solutions have offered a compelling alternative but still aren’t flawless regarding reliability. Luckily, with the help of IT Networks Australia, it’s possible to place your on-prem server in the hands of someone else, enjoying the security, customisability, and overall reliability of the on-prem experience without the drawbacks.

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