Help Desk Services

ITNA’s help desk is a resource designed for IT users to contact when they are having problems with their IT services. It institutes a multi-tiered troubleshooting approach by having personnel with extensive technical knowledge available. The help desk is the first point of contact and their ultimate goal is to offer first contact resolution as often and as quickly as possible.

The help desk focuses on end user needs and is technically focused. It fixes problems that are taking place at that instant and provide incident management to ensure customers’ problems are resolved in a timely fashion. It utilizes incident tracking making sure that no trouble gets lost. It manages information to keep track of the IT assets enabling access on a real time basis to information about software and configuration of the IT Systems of clients. The help desk has the ability to create monthly and annual reports on the number of troubles, the time to respond to the trouble, the time to fix the trouble which all feed into a service level agreement (SLA).

Help Desk Services

Knowledge Management

ITNA’s help desk utilises software to improve operational efficiencies by reducing the time spent to rediscover previous incidents or problems

Event Management

ITNA’s help desk utilises software to improve operational efficiencies by monitoring and management systems to prevent incidents or problems from potentially occurring

Incident Management

ITNA’s help desk utilises software to improve operational efficiencies by recording and categorising problems as reported to allow management of incidents through to resolution

Request / Change Management

ITNA’s help desk utilises software to improve operational efficiencies by recording and categorising requests to allow for better management of the request through to facilitation

Problem Management

ITNA’s help desk utilises software to gather information during incident management to help spot problems. This system will identify the root cause of frequent recurring incidents by capturing information in a knowledge base.

Access Management

ITNA’s help desk acts as the keepers of the user accounts along with password resets. Single ownership by the help desk ensures quicker response time for end-users with user or password problems.

Service Catalogue

ITNA’s help desk has a published service catalogue, with pricing information included and with detailed service descriptions.

Help Desk Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities.

  • Single point of contact (SPOC) for IT interruptions
  • Computer or software consultations
  • Tracking of all incoming problems
  • Follow problem escalation procedures
  • Perform problem resolution
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Recording and Tracking of all incoming problems
  • Routing requests for escalation when incidents are not resolved during initial support
  • Initial Support and classification
  • Monitoring the status and progress toward resolution of all open incidents
  • Keeping affected users informed about progress
  • Escalating the process if necessary
  • Resolution and recovery of incidents not assigned
  • Resolution confirmation and closure of incidents
  • Detecting potential trends and liaising with problem management where applicable