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Hate Creating Passwords – Password Generator

I seriously hate creating passwords for things. It happens so often for clients and new equipment but I always have a mental blank. You can do the l33k speak thing but that just makes typing it hard, and remembering it even harder. We start using multiple words, but I just have a brain fade every time I have to think of words!!! So if you are like me, or have Staff that hate changing their passwords for the same reason, then below is the site for you!! Random password generator. Simply choose what you need and it will do the rest!! To Easy!!!

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Sync DSRM Password with Domain Administrator Password

This brings most people unstuck. Here is a tip for later. Run the following on all your servers. This will sync the Directory Services Restore Mode password with the Domain Admin Password. This can be setup as a scheduled task so no matter when your servers break, you will always remember the password. ntdsutil “set dsrm password” “sync from domain account <AccountName>” q q

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