Hiker using his smart watch in the beautiful landscape of Mount Cook in the Southern Alps mountains in Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand.

In this modern age, everything is connected. You can order and pay for just about anything online and then pick it up at the store without waiting in line or even have someone bring it to your house. Just when you’re starting to wonder how much more interesting this can get, there it is – another new tech to try out. Today we’re going to look at a few of the latest, greatest products on the market. Products that will work just about anywhere.

1. iPad Pro.

Yes, tablets and other portable smart devices have been around for a while, but Apple continues to raise the bar with their latest offering. The iPad Pro takes the iPad with its known screen quality and ease of use and adds all the pieces needed to turn a tablet into a PC tablet, with docking and keyboard compatibility. The version of iOS (Apple’s mobile device operating system) on this device combines the portability of a tablet with many of the most cherished functions you usually find only on full-blown laptops. If you really like the idea of a 2-in-1 device, but you’re more of a Microsoft fan than a Apple fan, there’s always the Surface Pro and the Asus Transformer Pro.

2. Logitech Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard.

Many 2-in-1 devices come with keyboards you can plug directly into your tablet-type device to make it a laptop – and then unplug to turn it back into a tablet. However, wouldn’t it be great to have a keyboard you could have over here while you’re mobile device is over there? Maybe you’d like a keyboard you could even use with multiple devices, even touchscreen smartphones. Wireless Bluetooth keyboards like this one can do all that and more. This particular Logitech model comes with two AAA batteries, easy to replace and easy to find rechargeable. If you’d prefer a wireless keyboard you can charge via sunlight and use on your USB-compatible device, check out the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard. Fun fact, you can also get a folio case with a built-in keyboard, like the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio made for the iPad (with some iPad-unique function keys), and then repurpose it for any Bluetooth-ready device. As long as it has a compatible connection, your devices don’t really care what the keyboard was made for originally.

3. Huawei Wearable Electronics.

In order to truly step into the future, one must have a smartwatch, right? Huawei’s wearable devices are smart in every sense: they are stylish and they are also connected. This new breed of smartwatch technology tells time and date and also lets you access and use your smart device’s wireless connection. Deceivingly simple designs may look to the casual observer like a decorative watch face, but it’s actually a compact AMOLED screen you can access with the ergonomic buttons on the side. Now, you can follow more than just time. You can see weather reports, important social media updates, fitness tracking, and more – depending on your custom settings.

4. Logitech eHarmony Companion.

Of course, having smart mobile devices is only part of the picture. You also want a smart home, and you’d like devices that can control that smart home from anywhere. Enter remote access technology like the eHarmony Companion. At home, you have a remote control that lets you control your whole house, including lights and temperature controls, as well as various electronic devices like television, cable, and Blu Ray players. When you’re not at home, mobile device access lets you do all of these same things wherever you are. Depending on your settings, choices, and other integrated tech, you can even monitor your front door and let guests into your house.

What are some of the tech solutions you can’t live without? What are some new advancements you’d like to try? These are just a few of the greatest we’ve found. There’s much more yet to come.

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