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Latest IT Gadgets: 3 You Need In Your Life Right Now

Keeping track of the latest IT gadgets is becoming far more difficult, considering how fast technology itself is innovating. There are some great products on the market, but finding the best ones is definitely a challenge now. There are currently some amazing innovations available, and at affordable prices as well. Here is a quick round-up of the three you definitely need to know about. 1) Getac Notebook The right laptop is hard to find, that much is certain. With a myriad of different considerations, it often proves difficult to find the one that is right for your needs. Luckily, models as such as the Getac Notebook are versatile enough for a… Read More

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4 Reasons to Outsource Your IT

Regardless of their size, most businesses struggle with managing their IT department. There are many considerations that go into developing a successful IT department, from understanding the correct infrastructure needed to optimizing for efficiency across operations. However, while most large businesses are eventually able to succeed in this endeavor, this tends to be more difficult for smaller sized companies. One of the best ways to ensure that you are using your resources as best as possible in regards to your IT needs is to see what your requirements are and whether it makes more sense to outsource your IT or keep it in-house. Outsourcing IT can be extremely beneficial for your… Read More

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Extract One Page of a Multi Page PDF

Every now and then you will receive a pdf that has lots of pages and you really only need one of them. The easiest pay to get your page is to open the PDF in Adobe Reader. Navigate to the page you need Hit Print Select Microsoft Print to PDF Chose “Current Page” in the “Pages to Print” section Hit Print You will be asked for a location to save to and a name to give your new PDF.

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Disable SMS Sync to Exchange on your Android Phone

When you add an Exchange account using ActiveSync on an Android phone, some phones will begin forwarding a copy of every SMS message (e.g., text message) that the phone receives to your email account. This feature will vary from phone to phone. To disable this feature: On the phone, open the Email application. Tap Settings, then tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync in the Accounts group. Next, tap Settings under Common settings group, then tap your email address. Scroll down and under the Server settings group, uncheck Sync SMS (or Turn off Messages)

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Small Business IT Services

Small Business IT Services We want to see your business succeed, so as a result we have structured things differently than you have experienced in the past. We focus on your business and your goals and how IT applies to you. Not the other way around! IT Networks Australia prides itself on our backgrounds having worked in internal IT for some of the largest global organisations. We understand the challenges that small and medium sized businesses face with IT and our focus is different to other Managed Service Providers that you may have dealt with in the past. We understand that though you may be small your IT needs can be just as… Read More

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Benefits of Virtualization

The benefits of virtualization are obvious: Instead of having just one application per server, you can now run several guest Operating Systems and a handful of applications with the same physical hardware. That’s right, virtualization can bring you so much more for your money! Hardware Independence and VM portability So what enables a virtual machine to be portable across physical machines running the same hypervisor? As said, every virtual machine has its own virtual hardware. So the guest operating system loaded on a VM is only aware of this hardware configuration and not the physical server’s. In other words, a VM is completely hardware independent. It means that the operation… Read More

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DHCP Server

How to view DHCP Server leases on Cisco Routers

How to View the DHCP Server Bindings or Leases on Cisco® IOS® Routers When running DHCP server on Cisco routers and switches, administrators often want to view the database of DHCP leases or bindings.   In order to view the current ip address leases, type “show ip dhcp binding” at the enable prompt.  You will be presented with a table of ip address leases with columns which specify the ip address, the mac address, the lease expiration date, and the type of lease. Router# show ip dhcp binding

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Contacts CSV Import into Microsoft Exchange 2013 Public Folders

This was a ripper of a project. It allowed me to get my hands dirty with PowerShell and using the EWS Managed API with Exchange 2013 SP1. The code for this came from various sources and I have hand picked the bits I needed to make it all work. I have also had to add code to make the additional fields work and to vet the information that comes in from the CSV. How is this different to anything else out there? Simple. It contains nearly every field that can be imported into a Contact!! Yep. All those miscellaneous fields and User Fields!!!! Everything else on Google either only does… Read More

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Drive Letter Substitution

Drive Letter Substitution – Removing a Hard Drive

I will give you a run down on how this happened. Was converting a physical server to a virtual server and ran with VMWare Converters defaults. Originally the Physical Server has two drives, C: and E:, which were now mapped to two VMDK files located in the same datastore. But this really wasn’t what I wanted. May be I should have paid more attention or planned a little better, but I didn’t, and didn’t pick this up until after waiting out the conversion process. So what do you do when you have more disk than you want? Simple. Get rid of them!! The best solution was a modified version of… Read More

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creating passwords

Hate Creating Passwords – Password Generator

I seriously hate creating passwords for things. It happens so often for clients and new equipment but I always have a mental blank. You can do the l33k speak thing but that just makes typing it hard, and remembering it even harder. We start using multiple words, but I just have a brain fade every time I have to think of words!!! So if you are like me, or have Staff that hate changing their passwords for the same reason, then below is the site for you!! http://www.jdhorn.com/passwords/ Random password generator. Simply choose what you need and it will do the rest!! To Easy!!!

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