Just finished a Veeam upgrade from Version 6.5. Upgraded to Version 7 and then Upgraded again to Version 8.

Ran a backup to make sure that all was working but the job failed almost instantly with an error about Full Storage Not Found.

Got plenty of space on the disk we backup to, so what is it talking about?

Rescanning the Repository and Remapping it into the backup does not work.

Veeam Support has no Fix for this.

Creating a new backup job from scratch works.

So the only way past this was to effectively delete the previous backup data out of the actual job. This doesn’t delete the data from the disk, but simply removes from the Jobs History.

Simply click Remove from Backups.

The downside, of course, is that you have effectively removed the backup chain from the job and will start from scratch again. But at least the previous backups are there on disk and available to restore from successfully.

It would appear that the chain itself becomes invalid as a result of the version change. So it seems that Veeam v7 cannot “see” the Full Backup as done by v6.5. ie:- Full Storage Not Found.

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