Seems easy enough right? Forget it. The functionality is good for checking that your backups worked but that is about it. Do anything Lab related and mess around a lot and you can easily lose it all. As I found out! Veeam restores VMs into the Lab but they use a change log. Once the VM is shutdown, bye bye changes. If you, like me, spend a week messing around and want to change the actual VM Settings… DAMN!!!!!

So why do I still LOVE it????

I set it up for a client but instead of restoring Veeam Backups into it, I P2V and V2V (even Cloned!) machines into it from VMWare. You will need to manually start the Virtual Machine that Veeam creates but after that just make sure that you are bring the VMs in under the resource group that Veeam setup. Once the VM is copied over make sure you change your Virtual NIC settings to connect to the Lab Networks you setup in Veeam.

I highly recommend using the Internet Proxy Appliance (configured in the Veeam Virtual Lab Setup Wizard). This allowed me to have internet access in the Virtual LAB!

I set my Internet Explorer Proxy (under Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings) and ticked the box for Bypass Proxy for Local Addresses.

I found there were a few programs that still didn’t work. One was MDaemon. So the fix to this was simple. Open CMD as Administrator. Run the command “netsh winhttp import proxy source=ie”. For older servers or machines you can use “proxycfg -u” to do the same thing.

I advertised the Masquerade IP address in the Production Network (added routes for it on the router) which enabled all machines in the Production Network to access the Lab. This was handy for copying files in.

The VM that Veeam creates is simply a Linux Software Router. I am sure there would be lots of routing based things that could be done with it (if I knew any Linux commands) which would allow the Lab to access the Production Network.

Obviously, there is an element of care that still needs to be taken as no matter which way you look at it, you have identical machines that exist in two locations at the same time!!!

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