Web and Email Hosting for Your Melbourne Business: Meet IT Networks Australia

Starting a new website, or changing your web hosting provider, can seem overwhelming. With so much of today’s business reliant on an online presence, you need to pick the right company to get you started and keep you running smoothly. Whether you need a simple platform or a full-featured product with complex functions, IT Networks Australia can meet your needs. We provide web hosting for Melbourne businesses, in addition to a full array of IT services for companies of all sizes. Our technical staff has come from the IT departments of global organisations, and we bring that experience and depth of knowledge to bear on your company’s goal. We offer varied levels of web hosting, from domain registration to cloud hosting, to suit your individual needs.

Email Hosting for Melbourne Businesses: Why You Need Top-Level Email Security

Even small businesses can fall victim to security breaches, which can result in loss of email access, data loss, or even exposure to ransomware. Over ninety-one percent of successful attacks start with a phishing email. You can prevent these emails from even reaching their targets with the right email security protection. Being a small business shouldn’t matter – you can still get the same high-level security that much larger companies use thanks to IT Networks of Australia email hosting in Melbourne.

We use a leading cloud-based email security service to ensure that all incoming emails are scanned and assessed for threat level. Using reputation-based algorithms, we make sure that each email’s origin is vetted and from a legitimate email server. Our ever-adapting anti-virus protocols use multiple antivirus engines to scan emails for safety and avoid viruses and malware. We then use a range of filters to check every email for embedded URLs with malicious links and signs of spam. We then offer a final level of customisable filters so clients can choose additional factors to screen for, such as zip files and executable files. Encryption features are available to clients to ensure that only the intended recipient reads their emails.

Data Backup: Make the Right Choice

Data backup doesn’t have the be complicated. Whether you need onsite or offsite backup or a combination of both, IT Networks can set up and manage your data backup. We find out how your business uses data, what data needs the most protection, and ensure that your backup system has you covered in case of malware, physical damage, or even accidental file deletion. We can even help you design an offsite disaster plan to make sure that a natural disaster won’t put your business out for any longer than necessary. Our systems work with both Windows and Linux platforms to ensure that you have backup coverage no matter which operating system you use.

The technicians at IT Networks have worked in the IT departments of global organisations. This depth of experience enables us to accurately assess your IT needs and provide custom-tailored IT service plans for your company. You won’t find a more responsive, informed service for your Melbourne web hosting needs.